Useful Links for the Useful Herald


Kingdom Internal Letters of Intent/Letters of Acceptance and Return or Equivalents:

Meridies (A yahoo group, found through the below) [Back to, apparently, 2002]
West (Found through Sara Uckelman's awesome Heraldry page) [Back to 2001]
Trimaris (A yahoo group, also found through the above) [Back to...update when my membership is granted!]
Gleann Abhann (A yahoo group, found through the above) [Back to 2009]
[Only has the latest ILoI online where I can find it, which doesn't help for research]
East [Back to 1999]
Atenveldt [Back to 2000]
An Tir [Back to 1996, has a search page!]
Midrealm [Back to 1996]
Caid [Back to 1995]
Drachenwald [Back to 2002, has a search page!]
Ealdormere [Back to 2003]
Aethelmearc [Back to 1999]
Lochac [Back to 1995]
Artemesia [2006 only]
Ansteorra [Back to 1998]
Outlands [Back to 2001]
Northshield [Back to 2003]

For Meridies, Trimaris, and Gleann Abhann, feel free to e-mail me if you need something looked up, rather than clogged their groups with new members only looking for one thing.

The Ordinary and Armorial Search Forms at the Society Homepage



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